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If you’ve been researching human hair extensions, you might be wondering what the difference between single and double drawn hair extensions is. The quick answer is that single drawn hair extensions look duller, thin and scraggly, and contain split ends, whereas double drawn hair extensions are luxurious, glossy, fuller and durable, smooth and silky.


But what are single drawn and double drawn hair extensions? And what makes the quality of double drawn hair extensions so much better than single drawn?



  • Break and snap off at the ends
  • Ends need cutting to look fuller
  • Duller and contains split/dead ends
  • Cheap, and they look it


  • Ends are strong and healthy
  • Ends are full so don’t need cutting
  • Look glossy, polished and luxurious
  • Expensive, they’re a luxury product


If you’re convinced by what you’ve read, that’s great but if you’d like us to back this up, please read on.


Human Hair and How It’s Collected

Because of the way human hair grows, your hair is made up of lots of different lengths. It’s normal to lose an average of 100 hairs each day but don’t panic, usually these hairs have just come to the end of their growth cycle and will soon be replaced by new hairs. Because of the constant shedding and renewing, the length of individual hairs range from those brand new hairs that have just sprung from your scalp, all the way down to that one single longest hair on your head. Human hair collected to be used as hair extensions is no different.


Russian and European hair usually comes from small, remote villages. The hair might not have been trimmed in years, has most likely been washed with poor quality shampoo, rarely, if ever been conditioned, been combed and brushed with poor quality tools and tied back with elastic bands – not pretty. It is bought and sold by weight and length – longer hair fetches a better price, even if it’s thin and sparse on the ends. Women and girls who sell their hair grow it as long as possible to get the best price. So, when I buy a raw ponytail that measures 22” at its longest point, on average only around 5% of the hair is 22”, then 10% is 20”, 15% 18”, all the way down to the very shortest hair which is less than an inch long.



Single drawn        v        Double drawn               There’s just no competition, is there?

What Are Single Drawn Hair Extensions?

Single drawn hair simply means that the shortest 6 inches of hair has removed from the raw ponytail, the rest of the ponytail is made up of all the different lengths described in the last paragraph. So, if you pay for 22” single drawn hair extensions, chances are you’ll need to have anything up to 6 inches cut off the length to make it appear fuller, unless you’re happy with scraggly, rats’ tails that is! What’s more, you’ll also get something you hadn’t even considered – lots of split and dead ends.


What Are Double Drawn Hair Extensions?

Double drawn hair goes through an additional process where all the hairs within a ponytail are separated and sorted, a few at a time into the various lengths. The main reason for doing this is not to separate the lengths though, it is to remove split and dead ends. Double drawn hair takes lots of time, patience and care to prepare, not to mention the ugly callouses it gives us on our otherwise perfectly manicured fingers! This is done by hand and is a very labour intensive and specialised skill, so why do we bother putting ourselves through all the trouble? It’s because double drawing the hair transforms it from flawed, raw material into the luxurious, crème de la crème of human hair extensions.


If you want glossy, beautiful hair, double drawn hair is the only choice, single drawn hair extensions don’t even come close.


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