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Tape hair extensions – What we love about them and why we don’t use them.

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A lot of my clients have been asking about tape hair extensions recently, and I’ve got to say, there are some real positives which make me like them. I love how quickly they can be applied, around an hour and a half for a full head! Considering they stay in for 4-6 weeks, that’s a fantastic return on the amount of time you need to invest. They’re super flat too, and while they’re not as discreet as micro bonds or mini locks, they’re the next best thing out there. I also love how evenly the weight of the tapes is distributed throughout the hair. This means that so long as they are applied and cared for correctly, they won’t be too heavy and pull on your natural hair- which can cause damage.


It’s a love/hate relationship.

All those positives to one side though, there are too many drawbacks which stop me from introducing them at the salon.


Because tape hair extensions come ready made, they can’t be tailored to the individual needs of each client –


  • The colour can’t be blended for a perfect match. So, unless your own hair is identical to a shade on the supplier’s colour ring, the best you can hope for is a near match. Or, your extensionist might add tapes in different shades, picking out some of the colours in your own hair but again, this won’t get you an identical match and doesn’t look natural close up.
  • The length can’t be shortened without cutting the natural tip (the ends) off the extensions. Because of this, tape hair extensions only blend well if your own hair is naturally long. They’re not suitable for naturally shorter hair, or hair with shorter layers. What’s more, as with all extensions, if the ends aren’t cut well, they will look horribly blunt and artificial.
  • Unlike bonds and rings, the density of every tape is the same and can’t be changed to suit the differing needs of each client and the area of placement – if placed high, they’re visible, even in thicker density hair. They can also look too dense and unnatural when placed around the hair line. Only tailor-made micro bonds are discreet enough for placement in tricky area’s where there’s less density.
  • I’ve only seen Russian tape hair extensions made from single drawn, not double drawn hair. I’ve seen lots of double drawn tape hair extensions made from Indian and Chinese hair but for quality reasons, we only use double drawn, Russian hair in the salon (please see the Double Drawn Hair Extensions blog, which explains why we only use double drawn hair).
  • They’re visible if the hair is worn up, no explanation needed!


Watch this space…

As I said though, there are some real pluses to tape hair extensions, and they are something that I will continue to look at. If I can find a way of making them on site, I’m not ruling out that I might introduce tailor made tape hair extensions to the salon, but for the time being I don’t think the benefits of tape hair extensions outweigh the drawbacks.




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